Ding Ding! The Bell Has Rung

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Maniacs United produces live professional wrestling shows in Auckland. Our aim is to give families an experience that they’ll remember for years to come. We’re known for debuting some of new Zealand’s top talent, uniting with professional wrestlers from across New Zealand and building a community of not only superstars, but hard working, generous and respectful people. The promotion is headed by Director and Head Trainer Stacey Stewart, New Zealand’s longest running active professional wrestler. 

Maniacs United was founded in November 2011 by Stacey Stewart and former co owner Melissa Jones. Our first show Mania Madness debuted in July 2012 in a dinky little gym in central Aukland. Mania Sports Fighting gym become our home. The promotion was originally founded as a haven for female professional wrestlers. That soon changed when the wind blow in the likes of Kingston Eclipse, Maverick and Dan Stryker. Maniacs United emphasise equal opportunities for all genders.

Kingston Eclipse soon become our first official champion and was crowned in August 2014.

The Jackson Shield was designed and hand crafted by Maniacs United Alumni. The championship represents loyalty, respect and integrity. 

Jackson shield maniacs united pro wrestling auckland

In 2014 we produced 9 shows! We’re on the fast track to becoming the leading promotion and training school in New Zealand.

We love what we do, its our passion, our work, our lives and our service to you.

Be a star! Be a Maniac!

Maniacs United pro wrestling auckland new zealand tv3 apperance July 2015